Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Yarn...

Hi again. yesterday, I went to Michael's to look for some deals, since I had 50% off coupons I was ready to do some serious shopping. But, when I went down the stamp isle, nothing was new and what I did want was already 25% off. So I went to the yarn isle, my new favorite place. There were the big Pound of Love skeins, which are normally $8.00 but with a coupon (two coupons, one for each skein) I got TWO for $8.00, quite a deal. Then last night I got down to doing some serious crocheting, hoping to read a really cute blanket pattern right and make it look somewhat like the picture. So, I did four huge rows, spent almost three hours working on them and realized, it was curling. So, anyone that knows about crocheting, you have to pull it out if it curls. I don't have perfect tension partially due to getting up every so often and putting down the hook and picking it back up again later with slightly different tension. So I abandoned that project. But today, I made another Knifty Knitter hat! and I felt like crocheting a bit so I crocheted a flower to put on the hat. It is a pink hat with a white flower with a pink center. I also learned how to sew with the yarn needle and how to keep the stitches under the flower so it looks perfect. I will probably post a picture of the hats I have made so far on Friday or Saturday, since I am not on my laptop with the USB port for the camera. Until the weekend, have a great week and I'll post soon.

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