Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something cool...

Since I got all my new stamps today, some of them needed some cleaning, like bad. Most of them were unused but some were very much loved by someone. I used to use just baby wipes for a while, but they didn't always get stains out. I came across this cleaner recipe a year ago and it's better than anything. I only use Staz on for Staz on inks now, I used to use it for everything except I don't like the idea that it says to avoid contact with skin(that's why it works so good) Here's the recipe:
You'll need: One spray bottle, water, baby soap, glycerin, Simple Green all purpose cleaner.
Fill bottle one quarter the way full with water, simple green, then put in a few little squeezes of baby soap and some glycerin.
This works wonders! I usually mess with the recipe a bit for what I need, for instance if I have some dirty stamps I use more simple green or I just spray some of the simple green onto the dirty stamp. When I get older, second hand stamps, I add more glycerin to moisturize the rubber stamps so they don't crack (believe me, cracked rubber is not good) For the really bad, old stamps that need more moisturizing, I spray some of the mixture with a higher concentration of glycerin on and let it sit all night, or over a week since I rarely craft during the week, it will soak into the really dry rubber and make it better than new. Except, you don't want to let it sit on your stamps too much, just do it when you first get a really old stamp and when you just clean it after use and wipe the solution off with a baby wipe, it will do maintinance with the moisture. If you let the solution sit too often, the stamp will feel kind of oily and greasy. I have used this for over a year and I love it. One thing though, there's another cleaner recipe that has all the same ingredients as this one but without the simple green and I tried it. It's terrible. It doesn't remove stains; it's no better than a baby wipe for what I was working with. Try this, it will save you money since the little staz on things are expensive and I don't like working with a chemical like that. You can go to and send an E-mail telling them that you use simple green for stamp cleaner; they'll send you some good coupons. Just a tip, let me know if you like it as much as I do.

The motherload...

Hi, I have been posting A lot this weekend, partially due to Robyn (AKA:Mypinkstamper)'s challenges and I have time on my hands now that finals are over with (Thank goodness). As a reward for passing all my finals my Mom took me to my local scrapbook store for their yard sale. If you haven't gone to one of these before it is when people bring scrapbooking stuff to a store and they just sell their own stuff for cheaper than half off coupon prices. I spent almost an hour there today making my way through the crowd of hundreds of people. I spent $30 today but I got over 100 stamps, mostly rubber ones, the older ones made before I was even born. Most of them were not even used and were such good deals. No more than two dollars each and I got most of them in gallon bags that people put together. I was grabbing anything that said one dollar on it and I just ran with it. I got back issues of my favorite magazines for .50 each so I got inspiration too. I even got a Stampin' Up hostess set for $3! yes $3! so I am one happy girl. I got to do some crafting with all my goodies and I am SET until the next yard sale they have.

Another send away card

Here is another card that I am going to send off, I loved making this one. It's with my favorite and first Hero Arts clear stamp set. I got my inspiration from actually

an advertisment for a circus and the clown's costume inspired me

Send it away challenge

These are a few cards I whipped up for this challenge, I am sending them to women who have Breast Cancer.

Friday, January 29, 2010

And Black challenge

This is a card for The Pink Stamper's Blog this week, join in if you want!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey, long time no post. Really long time no post. You see, I am on the desktop computor more than my laptop and on my laptop theres a word document that has my passwords and stuff that I don't remember so enough excuses let me get down to business here and share some news. Okay, In November, I sent out 50 more Necessities Bag Wisconsin cards, if you make cards, I so encourage you to send out to Necessities Bag Wisconsin, go to their website at to get the address and the list of the other things they're in need of. So I sent out 50 more cards in November (YAY!) And I have some MAJOR NEWS!!!!!! I started contacting companies about donations, since I am only a high school student I don't have the funds to be buying all the stuff so I ask around. The first company that said yes is Stampendous stamps! They sent me 2 clear stamp kits, 4 wood block stamps and a cling mounted stamp. Then, Making Memories sent me drum roll please........... the SLICE!!!! I don't remember writing out that E-mail, honestly but all I know is that one night I checked the E-mail and there were the words Slice and donation so that made me happy. THEN!!! Last month Stampin Up! donated countless packs of paper, embelishments, and colored metalic pencils too. Then what I really needed, Die Cuts with a View donated countless paper stacks, the new ones, the ones I haven't even heard of and they gave embelishments, the chipboard, rub ons, paper (pounds of paper) too. All I can say is thank you, to every company that donated and I am sending out more cards tomorrow as a matter of fact. The picture is just of a card I made, since I guess I haven't loaded the newer pictures of the loads yet (I have to do that some day) maybe tomorrow.